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Double Decker and Anna House Group Order

Ok everyone I'm going to be starting the group orders for Anna House Fashions and Double Decker.
 I hope there is enough interest so we can do this ^^
Hopefully I'll be able to send the order out by  next week.

Double Decker

Anna House Fashion

For the Double Decker order we need multiples of 2

What your responsible for
 payment for your item, and your portion of the shipping and 4% fee. (and shipping to you)
If you have cc paypal please add 4% I can't afford to pay extra for everyones fees >.<
When the order comes in we can have a meet-up or I can mail your items to you.
I'm moving to Boston for college so even if you can't make the meetup maybe we could meet so I can give you the items.
whatever your preference

my email is sayounara.itoshii@gmail.com

I'll update this post as things move along.

Update 8/16
Double Decker
(please lets get someone else on this too >.<)

Anna House
 me - bloomers , shoes
persoconchii -  blouses
sofiaviolet - petticoat
kabe_no_hana - two blouses
shadae_twist - petticoat

Update 8/19
I'm going to invoice everyone on monday or tuesday so be on the lookout
with all the orders right now I figured out shipping is going to be 12.80


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