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Anyone just want to chill?

I was wondering if, not as an official meetup, but if anyone would want to chill/just hang out for a day at the Braintree Mall. It's a nice mall, and according to Googlemaps just 11 minutes away from Boston itself (by car). It has two floors and many nice stores, they had an anime shop but I think they got rid of it..or maybe opened up a new one ; - ; I'm not sure. 

I'm not saying this should be a meetup or anything, I'm just lonely (I don't live in Braintree, I just visit that mall sometimes) because there are no people into the style where I live..And so I have these pretty outfits but never wear them! DX So yeah. I was wondering if anybody (even just one person would be splendid) would like to hang out there with me sometime? I totally understand since nobody really knows me, we can either exchange emails/talk on LiveJournal, and if necessary, I'll give my cellphone number out. Excuse me if I come off as weird, but I'm only 16 and the loneliness is KILLING MEEEE. I should have added some of the girls I saw at AB! But did I noooo.

*ahem* 'scuze me. But yeah. Is anyone interested? As for a date I haven't really decided yet, but assuming everyone lives in/around Boston and just want to chill, let's set up a day! Or two. Or three. MUAHAHA no I'm kidding.

Thanks for reading!☺

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