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rocketlaunching in boston_lolita


Spend Saturday afternoons indulging your sweeter side at The Langham, Boston's most unique Chocolate Bar. Tempt your chocolate cravings at this weekly Chocolate wonderland

Experience this all-you-can-enjoy buffet, which features an array of scrumptious chocolate desserts, including the legendary Langham Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding, Truffles, Cotton Candy, Whoopie Pies, and more.....


The Chocolate Bar at Cafe Fleuri
250 Franklin Street
Boston, MA 02110
11am - 3pm

Accessible on the T, just minutes away from Aquarium, State, and Govt. Center. on the Blue Line/Orange Line/Green Line/Red Line. I will provide directions if anyone needs them!

As some of you probably already know, I'M COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! I'll be staying a while, and I miss all of you bunches. So I figure, why not do this again?! Ask anyone who's gone the last two times, they'll tell you it's always been a fun and great experience. The staff has always treated us well and with much respect, so that's a big reason why I keep doing this.

Some questions and answers:

What is this Chocolate Bar you speak of?
A gourmet chocolate buffet in one of the fanciest schmanciest restaurants in all of Boston! Cafe Fleuri, in the glorious Langham Hotel in the financial district in downtown Boston. Yes, you read right. A buffet. For one flat rate (tax and tip, of course) you can partake in FOUR HOURS all you can eat chocolate-y dessert goodness! And of course, all you can drink coffee/tea/cider/hot chocolate for no extra charge!

But I hate chocolate and I hate fun. What do?
Sulk and be miserable. Just kidding. There's SO much fruit based, not chocolate stuff you can stuff your pie hole with, there's really something for everyone. Like a crepe station, cold stone mixed ice cream, cream puffs, BANANA AND BACON TARTS, pretzels, I think they even made their own potato chips last year. We can walk around after and get something savory if you'd like (if it's not snowing like last year, but snow is fun so who knows?)

I guess this sounds cool. How much is it?
40.00$ per person plus tax and tip.

Dang gurl, that's expensive.
I know. It's worth it. However, this year I have the super awesome Langham Supper Club discount card, which entitles up to 24 people (we've never come close to that number so I don't foresee this being a problem) to 15% off which isn't much, but it brings the total down from 40$ to 34.00$ (plus tax and tip), which is pretty standard for most luxury tea services around the city. So everyone who couldn't come because it was too expensive may actually have a chance to now!!!!

But Jess, I'm vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian/lacto-ovo etc. and I have allergies. Will there be anything for me?
You betcha. Not only do they have like 1375238 kinds of chocolate, they even make vegan chocolate. A lot, if not most, of their desserts are vegetarian, a lot of them being completely vegan. If you have allergies, every single dessert is labeled with the specific allergens in big bold letters, like "nut-free" or "contains tree nuts" etc.

Okay, okay, you've convinced me. When will this shindig occur?
Well, that's what this post is for. I've already decided I'd like to start around 11AM (when they open), for maximum chocolate gorging. Gotta get your money's worth, yanno? So what I need YOU to do, is to pick a date!! I'd like this to happen after Christmas because I know people need to save their cash to buy presents, (and receive their Holiday money hehehehe) which is why I'm announcing this early so people can set aside a couple of bucks every week. :) They're only open on Saturdays, so these are the dates we can potentially do this! I'll be in town for a while, but if there isn't a good date for a majority of people, I'd be willing to extend my stay :D

29 - III
12 - IIIII
26 - IIII
(I might still be here in February, I might not, it's still all up in the air, but the last week of January goes into February so I'm going to include it, but if enough people want February, I could be convinced to stay :D)
2 - IIII
9 - III

Who's comin'?
Well, that still hasn't been decided, but I will say, if you would like to come, you must RSVP with me after the date is picked so I can make the reservation and ensure there will be space for us, or if you don't care about a date, feel free to just RSVP now (some people already have). +1s and boyfriends/husbands are allowed as long as they are dressed up. By dressed up, I mean it doesn't have to be lolita related, for men business casual (collared shirt, slacks) is fine. For women, I would prefer they dressed in lolita, but if they don't have lolita, business casual is fine too. Just make an effort :)

I will probably make a separate post afterwards for RSVPs and such, but because you all know I like to pound this into people's heads, I will not accept wishy-washy oh maybe I'll make it RSVPs. If you RSVP, it must be solid (unless there is a serious emergency, in that case I won't hold it against you, but please try to make contact with me or someone going), [this especially goes for +1s] because they will charge us for every empty seat that was reserved for but didn't show up. If you RSVP but then all of a sudden can't make it and I haven't made the reservation yet, that's fine. I will let everyone know when I plan to cut off RSVPs and when I make the reservation. Please don't be that person, because we will all have to pay for it, and at the next meetup everyone will glare at you and know.

Phew, that was long. I think I covered everything. Should I make a Facebook event for this? Any other questions, feel free to ask! I won't bite, I promise ^_^ Unless you're made of chocolate........


Seeing as I can't attend ILD anymore, I'm in. >:D With everything I've heard about this chocolate bar, how could I not be?

Put my votes in for January 5 and February 2. Oh Jess, if my math is right (assuming 6.25% MA food tax, and 18% gratuity on pre-tax amount), people attending should expect to pay approximately $42.25.
Gah, I wish I had my recipt from last year so I could make sure whether or not tip was auto included at 18% because I honestly don't remember (I've always tipped them way more than that because the service has always been exceptional.) but I do believe 6.25% is right. I'll have to call them and ask XD

ETA: I also am not the person to ask if your math is right as evidenced by the clusterfuck paying at last June's loli day, lol.

Edited at 2012-12-01 06:46 am (UTC)
I vote for everyone paypal'ing in advance. It's how my friends and I all do dimsum meetups/hangouts. It's easier and we can all throw the bill on one card.

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