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Welcome to the Boston Gothic and Lolita Society, a community for young ladies and gentlemen who identify with the lolita lifestyle. This community strives to inform its members of any lolita gatherings, events or information happening in the Boston area.

The purpose of this group is to introduce local lolita and form new friendships. The eventual goal of the group is to host monthly meetups for tea, movies or concerts. Other advantages to having this group include sharing group orders (to minimize on shipping and handling costs from overseas) and learning traditions and lifestyle ideas based on Victorian culture.

Moderators: Carrie suzu_hime, Cammy cammychan and Kiki nekokiki

If you notice any spam or have any concerns about other members- or anything else please PM a mod!

We've had moderated membership for awhile now and its really helped to cut down all the spam posts in the community. If your membership gets rejected please contact suzu_hime with any questions.